Zend Framework Reaches New Milestone: 5 Million Downloads

With now over 5 millions downloads under its belt (2.5 million of those in the past six months alone!) the Zend Framework open-source project has shown phenomenal growth. This means a much larger and more vibrant community of developers to hire from, to pore over and vet ZF code contributions, and, in general, to raiseContinue reading “Zend Framework Reaches New Milestone: 5 Million Downloads”

How to open all ports (DMZ) in Zoom X4 DSL modem

Before continuing, you will need to know the IP address of the computer or device you will be setting as the DMZ. Open your web browser and go to . Log in using ‘admin’ as the username and ‘zoomadsl’ as the password. Click on Advanced Setup at the top of the page. Then locateContinue reading “How to open all ports (DMZ) in Zoom X4 DSL modem”

Linux ready for real-time computing in financial services

Is Linux capable of handling the mission-critical, high-volume demands of the world’s biggest financial institutions? Speakers at the recent sixth annual Linux on Wall Street conference offered solid evidence in the affirmative, despite unresolved issues concerning real-time Linux and hypervisor interoperability. Vinod Kutty, the distributed computing R&D head at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), nowContinue reading “Linux ready for real-time computing in financial services”

Zimbra Starter Edition

The Zimbra Team is releasing a new licensing package targeted towards users who want some of the features of the Network Edition, but fewer users (limit of 15). The package is US $399.00 and includes backup/restore and Connectors (iSync/Outlook). ZCS Network Starter Edition is an annual subscription for software and updates only; it doesn’t includeContinue reading “Zimbra Starter Edition”