Fedora meetup in Danang Nov-Dec 2012

FOSS community is growing in Danang, the largest city in the middle of Vietnam. And my trip is really successful.

In my two days working in Danang, I got interesting discussions with Danang FOSS groups and motivated them to connect together as a larger/unified FOSS community. I met professors at Duy Tan university, the state department of Information and Communications of Danang and DanangLUG.

At Duy Tan university, in the discussion with the head professor of Information Technology faculty, we agreed to support professors and students there to build a FOSS community inside the campus. They will involve into FOSS projects, especially Fedora; do more research and development with/in FOSS. Currently, there are some FOSS-related subjects in Duy Tan university. With Fedora/FOSS community growing, students will have more and more opportunities to join into FOSS projects to work on real ideas. If we have a good plan, some of them could be active contributors to Fedora and related work.
I will continuously discuss with them to make a detailed plan.

Next, in the meeting with the state department of Information and Communications of Danang (with Duy Tan’s professor presents), I got their commitment on supporting (from government side) the FOSS community building in Duy Tan university and Danang.

DanangLUG has been established for a few months and they have got some first activities/events. Some of them have been active in FOSS contributions for years. I discussed with them to join directly into Fedora Project and contribute to Fedora. I believe that we will have chances to congratulate more Fedora Ambassadors and contributors soon and the first release party for Fedora 18 could be held in Danang in January 2013.

To-do list:

  • Make a detailed plan for FOSS community building in Duy Tan university, push Fedora related tasks into, and support them continuously.
  • Connect DanangLUG, FOSS community at Duy Tan university and state department of Information and Communications of Danang together.
  • Organize Fedora activities and events in Danang to “recruit” more Fedora contributors.
  • Support them for Fedora swags and media.

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