Removing mails spam-scored over 10

I am using SpamAssassin 3.1.x on Linux. Now, all mails with spam score over five (5) are marked as spams (so simple configuration). Further more, I would like to remove permanently all mails with score over ten (10). Here is content of /etc/procmailrc to do that: DROPPRIVS=yes MAX_SCORE=10.00 MIN_SCORE=5.00 :0fw | /usr/bin/spamc :0 * ^X-Spam-Status:.*score=\/[0-9\.]+Continue reading “Removing mails spam-scored over 10”

ProFTPd Automated Home Dir Creation

I had a requirement to restrict who could log into a ftp server, to automatically create their home directory – but in a different directory thats set in LDAP – with the correct permissions, and then to chroot them into here. ProFTPd with mod_ldap happened to be the answer, although it took a little bitContinue reading “ProFTPd Automated Home Dir Creation”