Startup Guide for KVM on CentOS 6

I recently made the leap from CentOS 5.6 to CentOS 6 on my primary KVM host, and had to modify how I setup the KVM host to begin hosting virtual machines. Below is a start to finish guide to get you hosting VMs using KVM. These instructions are very specific to CentOS 6. For thisContinue reading “Startup Guide for KVM on CentOS 6”

Fedora 16 Arrives, Cloud Friendly

Cloud and virtualization technologies now feature in latest version release The Red Hat sponsored Fedora Project has announced availability of version 16 of the free and open-source operating system distribution. Fedora 16 now features “Aeolus Conductor” as a feature enhancement designed to create and manage cloud instances across a variety of cloud types. OpenStack toolsContinue reading “Fedora 16 Arrives, Cloud Friendly”

Fedora 13 Expands Linux Virtualization

Virtualization technology has long found a home in Red Hat’s Fedora community Linux distribution. Ever since Fedora 4 emerged in 2005, virtualization technologies have continued to advance in the distro and that remains the case with the upcoming Fedora 13 release set for later this month. Unlike Fedora’s early virtualization features, which all leveraged theContinue reading “Fedora 13 Expands Linux Virtualization”