2.4 is released

The Community is pleased to announce the release of 2.4, the latest version of the leading open source office productivity suite. 2.4 includes new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to all its core components. 2.4 is available for immediate download from

New features:

Users will appreciate changes such as usability improvements in printing, and further enhancements to PDF handling ( creates PDF files ‘out of the box’ to ISO standard). The default font is now DejaVu, which supports more languages/localisations than the previous BitStream Vera -part of a raft of localisation improvements covering languages from Hiligaynon to Quechua. Mac OS X users will appreciate the use of the native Quicktime player and spell-checker.

Writer,‘s word processor, now has easier selection of the language for spellchecking; users can set options for printing hidden and place holder text and for following hyperlinks; text selection and ‘find and replace’ have been improved; and ‘power users’ will
appreciate new extra keyboard shortcuts for paragraph styles.

Regular users of Calc,‘s spreadsheet, will appreciate the streamlining of data and formulae entry. Other new features include a ‘smart move and copy’ for blocks of cells; the ability to transform data into columns; and improvements to printing, data filtering, and the Data Pilot.

Usability improvements have been made to Draw, the drawing and diagramming module, and Impress,‘s application for creating presentations. Both applications have enhanced PDF export capabilities. In addition, Impress now has a new range of thrilling 3D transition effects supported through an extension.

The Chart module, used throughout, continues to evolve rapidly. Novice users benefit from more intelligent default choices from the graphics engine; advanced users have more options allowing them to fine tune a chart exactly the way they want it.‘s database application, Base, now supports MS-Access 2007 (accdb files on MS-Windows), and has enhanced capabilities for MySQL, Oracle/jdbc, and native (HSQL) databases. The Query Designer is also improved. 2.4 is the eleventh release in the 2.x series (launched in October 2005) and demonstrates the Community’s commitment to continuous and regular improvement of its software. The next major release – 3.0 – is planned for the autumn/fall this year. If you would like to help us, please visit

The Community

Award-winning Zend Framework releases version 1.5!

Zend Framework was awarded a “Jolt Productivity Award” at the 18th annual Dr. Dobb’s Jolt Awards, the “Oscars of the software industry.” With over 4.5 million downloads, Zend Framework has become the fastest growing PHP framework on the market. Now the award-winning open source framework has released version 1.5 which supports new services and enhancements to many existing features. Highlights include:

  • Support for OpenID and Microsoft’s InfoCard – two emerging technologies behind “Identity 2.0,” a movement to simplify and fortify identity management online
  • Forms – New support for forms, including Ajax usage patterns that makes building and using web-based forms much easier
  • Layout and view – New layout support and view enhancements for consistent look and feel throughout PHP applications
  • LDAP authentication – Now with enterprise-ready authentication using LDAP technology
  • Lucene search engine – New advanced queries using wildcards, date ranges, fuzzy searches as well as Lucene index format version 2.1
  • Extended Ajax support – Server-side support for Ajax with action helpers to automate Ajax detection and responses makes programming using JavaScript & PHP much easier
  • UTF-8 character sets in Adobe PDF creation – PDF support enhanced to enable non-Latin character sets such as Kanji, Cyrillic, etc.
  • Google GData web services – Significant enhancements to Google Data services makes it easier to build web applications that leverage the Google application network. New support for upload and write capabilities to Google YouTube

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