Zimbra Notifier

The long awaited new version of Zimbra Notifier 2.0 was released. New features: 8 languages supported Show appointment reminders of all defined calendars Supports Daylight Savings Time in calendars Use reminder time set in the appointment, which can be defined in Zimbra 5.0 Show an appointment reminder in his own icon Can delete an appointmentContinue reading “Zimbra Notifier”

Bí quyết để trở thành ông chủ vĩ đại

Buổi sáng, có tiếng gõ ngoài tấm cửa kính của cậu nhân viên trẻ. Người đàn ông khoảng 60 tuổi ăn mặc lịch thiệp, trang nhã cất lời: “Xin lỗi anh GodFrey, tôi là Ralph Hart. Anh có thể cho tôi xin vài phút được không?” “Ồ, tất nhiên là được rồi”, cậu nhân viênContinue reading “Bí quyết để trở thành ông chủ vĩ đại”

ZCS 5.0.9 Available for Download

Greetings, Zimbra Collaboration Suite version 5.0.9 is now available for download. We recommend all users upgrade at this time. Customers and Partners may download it at the Zimbra web site ZCS 5.0.9 contains many important enhancements and bug fixes, including: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS is available for Open Source and Network Edition (beta) New server settingContinue reading “ZCS 5.0.9 Available for Download”

Joining Ubuntu Repositories

Linux users have pondered: “Wouldn’t it be nice to just grab Zimbra software via repositories?” There was just so much positive feedback over Zimbra Desktop Beta 3 (with over 900 new members to the forums last month!) we thought that Ubuntu 32-bit users should be able to grab it easily. (64-bit support is coming soon)Continue reading “Joining Ubuntu Repositories”

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing can be loosely defined as using scalable computing resources provided as a service from outside your environment on a pay-per-use basis. You use only what you need, and pay for only what you use. You can access any of the resources that live in the “cloud” at any time, and from anywhere acrossContinue reading “What is cloud computing?”