Data shows down economy spurs Linux adoption

A Novell-sponsored IDC survey reveals a surge in the acquisition of Linux driven by the worldwide recession. More than half of the IT executives surveyed are planning to accelerate Linux adoption in 2009. If that’s not positive enough, more than 72% of respondents reported that they are either actively evaluating or have already decided toContinue reading “Data shows down economy spurs Linux adoption”

Hướng dẫn cài đặt iWay VPN trên Fedora với Network Manager

Trước khi bắt đầu, bạn cần được Admin cấp cho các files: ca.crt, client.crt và client.key. Giả sử, bạn đã save ra thư mục trên Home của mình. Bạn cài đặt iWay VPN theo các bước sau: 1. Nhấn chuột phải vào biểu tượng Network Manager gần đồng hồ, mở hộp thoại Network Connections vàContinue reading “Hướng dẫn cài đặt iWay VPN trên Fedora với Network Manager”

Zimbra 5.0.15NE/.14FOSS Released

We are pleased to announce: Version 5.0.14/.15 of the the Zimbra Collaboration Suite. Key Enhancements: 35259 – Partial auto accept for calendar resources when a only a few conflicts found zimbraCalResMaxNumConflictsAllowed & zimbraCalResMaxPercentConflictsAllowed 35574 – create command specifically to create an alias domain zmprov cad (auto-fills zimbraAliasTargetId implemented in 33720) 26281 – Check Logger DBContinue reading “Zimbra 5.0.15NE/.14FOSS Released”

Zimbra tops Google’s Gmail with 40 million paid mailboxes

It’s impressive to be able to give away 31.2 million free Gmail accounts, as Google has. It’s even more impressive to get customers to pay for 40 million mailboxes, as Zimbra reported today, representing a sharp spike from the 20 million paid mailboxes reported in early 2009. The secret to Zimbra’s success? Innovation and integration,Continue reading “Zimbra tops Google’s Gmail with 40 million paid mailboxes”