Zimbra 5.0.15NE/.14FOSS Released

We are pleased to announce: Version 5.0.14/.15 of the the Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

Key Enhancements:
35259 – Partial auto accept for calendar resources when a only a few conflicts found zimbraCalResMaxNumConflictsAllowed & zimbraCalResMaxPercentConflictsAllowed
35574 – create command specifically to create an alias domain zmprov cad (auto-fills zimbraAliasTargetId implemented in 33720)
26281 – Check Logger DB integrity and Connection Prior to Installing (also added -l option) & 34537 possible to disable weekly with zmdbintegrityreport_disabled=TRUE
34923 – allow TGZ Formatter to import / export eml, vcf, ics files

Notable Fixes:
35002 – upgrade script should kill all zmlogger processes after zmloggerctl stop
35492 – redolog replay of moves to/from spam should not trigger notification
20566 – Zimbra Mobile should hide IMAP \Deleted messages
34690 – iSync connector crash/flooding – downloading all contacts at once (& respect zimbraContactMaxNumEntries)
35761 – defang /defang IM status messages
34522 – CTRL + S shortcut now save draft, send is ctrl+enter
34704 – Reduce zmailbox message cache to 1 zmailbox_message_cachesize

(Further details on PMweb.)

Make a backup before upgrading: Backup and Restore Articles – Zimbra :: Wiki

5.0.15 Network Edition Release Notes

5.0.15 Network Edition Downloads

5.0.14 Open Source Edition: Release Notes & Downloads

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-The Zimbra Team