Zimbra 5.0.19 Shipped

We’re excited about all that 6.0 has to offer, but if you’re not quite ready to make that jump yet: Announcing version 5.0.19 of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

Key Enhancements:
33077 – Hooks for usage, click, anaylitics / event tracking (AJAX) Zimlet.prototype.onSelectApp = function(appId) {where appID=ZmId.APP_NAME}
39760 – zmztozmig: allow selection of item types for import/exportcomma separated[FONT=verdana,geneva,lucida,’lucida grande’,arial,helvetica,sans-serif], types [/font]parameter
32536 – Too trusting of MIME-type sent by client (use browser value when server not able to detect)
13959 – ZCO: Prompt for password every time if HKLM\SOFTWARE\Zimbra\StorePassword 0
38637 – ZCO: Should Self-Throttle Depending on GAL size (GalFullSyncSleepAfterNumContacts & GalFullSyncSleep)
40013 – Compose/Send Email to multiple contacts from Address Book
39220 – wider checkbox selection area

Notable Fixes:
39123 – Customer template overrides not authorative
39906 – zip deflater loop caused cpu spike
34227 – zmfixperms : pass in directories not to touch OR don’t include other dirs unless -extended specified
40384 – calendar reminders much delayed
Several third-party component security fixes that we will not release details on till 6.0.2 is also out.
(Further details on PMweb.)

Take a backup before upgrading.

5.0.19 Network Edition: Release Notes & Downloads

5.0.19 Open Source Edition: Release Notes & Downloads

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-The Zimbra Team