The 3rd day at FUDCon KL 2012

It’s the last day in KL. To be honest, this day is not so exciting as two previous days. It may simply cause by the feelings (everyone is more tired after several days working hard) or by the quality of talks or both.

I was impressed with the talk “Spam fighting with Postscreen” by Christoph. The presentation analysed spam issues, how they do effect onto the whole email systems (network, hardware, time, fishing, malware, etc.) and how we can do to fight against them with Postscreen. I saw it’s a big thing to learn then I will try it as soon as I come back.

The day was exciting back with closing ceremony from Red Hat guy. He shared about how FOSS community important, how Fedora, Red Hat as well as the remain FOSS community to collaborate to make a better world.

Last, but so exciting thing is the small lottery with two tablet gifts from OSCC-MAMPU. The day closed with a big luck for a volunteer (he got the bigger tablet :D). That’s also a big thanks from all of us to organizers and volunteers who make the FUDCon success.

Thanks to all for getting together to make the Fedora community stronger and stronger.

Truong Anh Tuan
Reported from Hanoi (after safe trip back from KL)