The 2nd day at FUDCon APAC KL 2012 – time for improving Fedora activities and contributions in APAC

This article is special for noting all our activities here for the goals of improving Fedora activities and contributions in APAC in the future.

Things need to be discussed have been prepared in APAC ambassadors weekly meetings and put all to a wiki page. Before the FUDCon, everything was in place. Firstly, I thought we should have a separated session where everyone can join together to discuss prepared things face to face. So, after discussion with KageSenshi (he’s also the main organizer), I recognized the, this is not a regular talk and it’s better to discuss internally, among Fedora contributors, not publicly for everyone since people who are not Fedora contributors may not understand what we discuss at all. That should save time for both Fedora contributors and other FUDCon participants. Then we were completely right.

A *small* discussion (about one and a half hour) among over ten Fedora contributors at FUDCon was decided and arranged so quickly. We discussed a lot of things about how to get the APAC bi-weekly meetings more efficient. They should be for making decisions, not for discussions, although we can sometimes discuss a little more before making decisions. Therefore, all discussions should be discussed via mailing list, trac, etc. as much as possible before the meeting. Agenda of meetings should be also reduced to focus on which should be opened in the meeting for decision making. That should be also good to get the most active ambassadors to come, although it’s still open for everyone.

Beside that, we discussed more about the budget allocation and budget approval process in Fedora world wide as well as in APAC, media/swags distributions process in APAC, FreeMedia program and Mentoring program. KageSenshi told us about his CampusCamp idea. I think, it’s good idea for making/encouraging the Sharing culture in APAC.

Budget allocation and approval processes with in APAC as well as all the Fedora community should be one of the most important things. You know, Fedora has been funded from several sponsors and the biggest one is Red Hat; but how to use that fund more efficiently is still a big question. IMO, funds should be put to right persons, for right activities, in right places and at the right time. To get this done, we (Fedora community) need to have a clearer budget allocation process and update that information to everyone; also, in APAC, we should have a more efficient approval process where fund requests would be reviewed carefully but faster, and reimbursement, e.g., would be done much faster. I know a proposal is being discussed within FAmSCo and some others. I will follow it and contribute more to.

In the whole day to tried to catch all up and got some other face to face meetups with other Fedora contributors who can not join previous discussion to discuss more with them. It’s great to see that all of them also agree with us.

I noted all discussed items in the memo. Then I will create a wiki to put these things all for everyone to contribute and discuss more later.

Thanks KageSenshi for your great idea and thanks everyone for all your contributions. I myself believe that APAC community must be better and better after FUDCon KL.

Last but not least, the 2nd day closed with a exciting FUDPub. See all funny pictures here.

Then now, the last day of FUDCon started…. 🙂

Truong Anh Tuan
Reported from KL