Fedora Community Engagement – Can Tho 2013

We had a cool event with a lot of information provided to students and lectures. The 24th of Aug is also Linux Day and Fedora presence here was on the right time 🙂

Although students and lectures at Can Tho University, especially IT faculty ones, have been familiar a bit with Linux and FOSS, they had contributed to FOSS very rarely. This was one of very first time they met FOSS community and Fedora would be impressed them a lot.

The event had been well prepared before. Thanks to other Fedora Ambassadors, Hon and Thang, and Prof. Hung, Prof. Tan and students from Can Tho university helped me to make this happened. All I have to do were to book a ticket and fly to Can Tho city. Everything was arranged fine.

The event started with an Opening speech by Prof. Hung, deputy head of IT faculty to warm up all. Then I delivered a talk about Fedora Community Update to give attendees an initial image about Fedora Project and Community.

After that, Hon presented about some new features in Fedora 19 with a nice video at the end to introduce the most important ones. The event continued with a special session which marked the way back of Mario Behling, who has been a long time Fedora contributor. He introduced something about Virutal working opportunity to encourage students to join into FOSS community like Fedora to learn more about technologies, communications, etc. which are quite important for their future work. Hopefully, after the event, Fedora Ambassadors and contributors in Can Tho can take their roles stronger to organize a local Fedora community there.

We reserved about 1h30 at the end of event for questions and answers. Students asked a lot of questions about Fedora and FOSS and all were answered clearly. They understood more about how I can earn values/benefits by contributing to Fedora.

And time was up. The event was ended with a short Closing speech by Prof. Hung. About 100 Fedora 19 Multi-desktop DVDs and stickers have been given away.

Thanks for everyone who helped me to prepare and who attended to the event. Together we made this happened. Hope to see you a lot in Fedora community work in the near future.

Some event photos: https://plus.google.com/photos/113699770009845572774/albums/5915883619832063377

Truong Anh Tuan
Fedora Ambassador