Fedora Join workshop at Nha Trang IT Day 2014

Sunday, October 26th, 2014, at Nha Trang university, Nha Trang, Vietnam, the Nha Trang IT Day 2014 was taken place. During that day, the Fedora Join workshop was held to introduce about Fedora Project to professors, teachers and students who work and study at NTU and nearby universities and to help them to join into.

In the morning, I had got a keynote about some free and open source software principals and the community world-wide as well as in Vietnam. In fact, university students in Nha Trang had not got much information about FOSS and most of them do not know what Fedora exactly is. The talk made people to pay more attention on FOSS and Fedora.

My keynote in the morning session

At the end of morning session, there were a round table to discuss more and answer questions to attendees. We talked a lot about open source, how they built and how to contribute to them.

Round table

In the afternoon, I held a workshop particular in Fedora to introduce about Fedora and help people to join into the project. There were over 20 attendees and they were really excited to earn new things.

Attendees were asked to introduce themselves one by one and put their names into a PiratePad.

I talked briefly about the Fedora Project and Fedora community world-wide as well as in Vietnam; then I shown some slides to let people know how to contribute to Fedora with and without coding.

During the workshop, I answered a lot of questions about Fedora and Linux/FOSS in general.

At the mostly end of the workshop, helped people to do some initial tasks to join into Fedora project: register their FAS account, read and sign FCLA, create their personal wiki page, join into some mailing lists and connect to IRC channels. People were also asked to put their FAS account into the PiratePad and connect to IRC channels to keep in touch later.

I will keep in touch with them, especially, the teachers. Hopefully, we will have more FOSS and Fedora activities in Nha Trang in the future.

Some other pictures (taken by myself): Facebook album link here.

An article by organizers (in Vietnamese): http://ntu.edu.vn/kcntt/ViewTin.aspx?idcd=13&idnews=5589