Enterprise IT ain’t what it used to be

Enterprise IT” vendors are in the midst of an identity crisis, and Linux is to blame. Want proof? Just look at some recent news announcements: Not only is the erstwhile uber-proprietary Sun Microsystems selling Intel- and AMD-based servers, it has also snapped up open source giants like MySQL. That’s quite a shift from a yearContinue reading “Enterprise IT ain’t what it used to be”

OTRS 2.2.5 (Ipanema) is released!

Dear Community Members, +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Release Note ++++++++++++++++++++++++ We are proud to announce OTRS 2.2.5 (Ipanema) today. This is a patch level release of stable OTRS 2.2., and contains some bug fixes. For a complete list see below. The OTRS team recommends all OTRS users to upgrade to OTRS 2.2.5. Minor Bugfixes: =============== * Bug #2166Continue reading “OTRS 2.2.5 (Ipanema) is released!”

Làm gì để một ngày có 25 giờ?

Một ngày có 24 giờ nhưng chúng ta phải hoàn thành rất nhiều việc, và hơn nữa là phải hoàn thành công việc một cách hiệu quả. Nếu bạn có thể “chiếm lại” một giờ đồng hồ bạn đã lãng phí ở đâu đó và biến nó thành thời gian làm việc hiệu quả, thìContinue reading “Làm gì để một ngày có 25 giờ?”

Removing mails spam-scored over 10

I am using SpamAssassin 3.1.x on Linux. Now, all mails with spam score over five (5) are marked as spams (so simple configuration). Further more, I would like to remove permanently all mails with score over ten (10). Here is content of /etc/procmailrc to do that: DROPPRIVS=yes MAX_SCORE=10.00 MIN_SCORE=5.00 :0fw | /usr/bin/spamc :0 * ^X-Spam-Status:.*score=\/[0-9\.]+Continue reading “Removing mails spam-scored over 10”

ProFTPd Automated Home Dir Creation

I had a requirement to restrict who could log into a ftp server, to automatically create their home directory – but in a different directory thats set in LDAP – with the correct permissions, and then to chroot them into here. ProFTPd with mod_ldap happened to be the answer, although it took a little bitContinue reading “ProFTPd Automated Home Dir Creation”