New Features for Zimbra Collaboration Suite 5.0

Sunnyvale, Calif. – February 5, 2008 – Zimbra, a Yahoo! (Nasdaq: YHOO) company, and the leader in open source, next-generation e-mail, today announced the availability of Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) 5.0. ZCS 5.0 includes hundreds of enhancements that expand Zimbra’s access across desktops and devices while setting the standard for Web-based productivity in a business environment, and showcases Yahoo!’s dedication to providing world-class e-mail and collaboration services.

Enhancements in ZCS 5.0 extend Zimbra’s best-of-breed anywhere access on the desktop, including support for Microsoft Outlook 2007, and on virtually any device, with support for BlackBerry Enterprise Server, J2ME-enabled handsets such as the Motorola RAZR, and a new version of ZCS for mobile web browsers. New features in the award-winning Zimbra AJAX Web client include instant messaging, briefcase, and task applications as well as Zimbra Desktop, the world’s first offline-capable Web 2.0 collaboration experience.

New features in ZCS 5.0 include:

  • Task Lists. Off by default when you upgrade. A new Tasks tab is added to the application tabs. The tasks list feature includes the ability to create multiple task lists, create tasks, mange a task, including setting the priority and tracking the progress
  • Documents. On by default when you upgrade. Documents is a document sharing and collaboration application that gives you a central place on the Zimbra Web Client to develop, organize, and share information
  • Briefcase. Off by default when you upgrade. Briefcase lets you save files on the Zimbra Web Client so that you can access them whenever you log on to the ZWC
  • Delegated Mailbox. Users can share any of their email folders, including the Inbox and sub-folders
  • Users can be notified when their mailbox is almost full (quota feature)
  • Calendar entries can be marked private or public
  • Search for an appointment up to 180 days in the future
  • Photos and images can be uploaded and synced to the address book contacts list
  • Message priority can be set
  • Instant notification of email messages can be enabled
  • Major changes to the administration console include:
    • Layout of the administration console has been improved. You can open more than one function at a time. Tabs are opened above the Content pane
    • Search queries can be saved
    • Search for all administrators and domain administrators on ZCS
    • Last login time is displayed from the administration console Accounts content pane
    • Default time zone set in the COS/Admin can now be changed by users. This timezone is used for Zimbra Mobile and the standard Zimbra Web client
    • Monitoring, Server Statistics for individual servers now includes a Sessions tab that displays information about active web client, administrator and IMAP sessions
    • Certificates can be managed and installed from the administration console
  • The Jetty Web server is now used as the server container that the Zimbra software runs within. Reference to this servlet is called mailboxd
  • Domain name can be changed from the zmprov CLI
  • Ngnix is used to support more scalable POP/IMAP proxy
  • Domain’s status can be set, including status of Suspended
  • Account level logging can be configured
  • ZCS HTTP mode now includes Redirect. Redirect mode redirects any users connecting via HTTP to a HTTPS connection
  • If more than one language locale has been installed on ZCS, users have the option to select the locale that is different from the browser language settings from the Preferences, General tab
  • Major import and migration feature enhancements:
    • Tasks can be imported/migrated
    • The types of items (appointments, email, contacts, and tasks) to import can be selected
    • Photos associated with contacts can be imported/migrated
    • Appointments and tasks private status is retained