Software Freedom Day Hanoi, 17 Sep 2011, time for freedom celebration


Welcome you all back.

SFD Hanoi 2011 has been done even more than successfully. We talked about FOSS and the freedom of software development and business all the day.

The day started at 8:45 AM (15 munites later than schedule) with celebration speech from Dr. Nguyen Hong Quang from IFI about SFD, FOSS, the community, etc.

Then, the main section of the day continued at 9:00 AM. MC Nguyen Ha “Yang” Duong introduced overall activities in the day, then he started the morning sessions with a barcamp-style vote campain.

All the morning presentations were introduced shortly by presenters then voted by partcipants one by one:

  1. Exploring FOSS world with Apache Maven (by Mr. Lai Trung Hieu from eXo Platform SEA): 19 votes.
  2. How to make MONEY with FOSS (by me): 30 votes (wow, me first :).
  3. Messaging and Collaboration with Zimbra Collaboration Suite (by me):  19 votes.
  4. Collaborative Development in FOSS community (by me): 14 votes :(.
  5. Ubuntu 11.04 and the Ubuntu-VN community (by Mr. Nguyen Ha Duong, Ubuntu-VN leader): 30 votes.
  6. Mozilla Localization (by Mr. Ha Quang Duong, HanoiLUG, Mozilla Localization team Vietnam): 17 votes.

As voting results, my presentation started the day :). I see it’s so hot to know how to make/earn money with FOSS :).  However, my presentation focused on the development/community and legal factors with a little business ones. In my view, to make a sustainable business, they should understand how FOSS developed in the community as well as the legal related issues; business factors should be similar with other types of business. This view was shared completely by participants. See my presentation here.

Next, Yang and Khanh introduced Ubuntu-VN community and live demonstrated Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity. Over a half of participants are Ubuntu-VN members so they were also interested in the session :).

After some other presentations, some new participants also registered their ones so a new voting time needed to be held. One after one, the morning session was over so fast.

After lunch, the activities in the day was back with a questions and answers session moderated by Mr. Le Trung Nghia from Ministry of Science and Technology, one of the most active FOSS activists in Vietnam with the well-known blog VNFOSS. A lot of interesting questions were asked and Mr. Nghia as well as all participants discussed a lot about FOSS and the community.

Next was the workshop time with three parallel workshops. Beside “Kernel hackings” (by Yang) and “Linux command lines” (by Ha Quang Duong), I got a mini workshop to introduce about Fedora Community, how to join with us, how to make contribution to Fedora Project. Then, I introduced how to make a Fedora package and I see that’s the most interesting thing to participants :). After the workshop, I considered to build a separated Fedora Contributors (at this time, Fedora users and contributors have still participated in local LUGs). I tried to introduce and PR the FAD-Hanoi 2011 (scheduled on October). However, finally, I thought I should try to build the separated Fedora users and contributors in Vietnam first. With a separated (small) community, we can do our own events and activities much easier.

The day was closed with an exciting bidding session where we sold four T-shirts with 200k VND :).

An exciting day was closed. Thanks to all my friends and participants who made this happened.

See all of you in the next FOSS events and in the SFD 2012 next year.

See some SFD pictures on Facebook and Picasa.

Yours faithfully,

Truong Anh Tuan
Fedora Ambassador and Packager
HanoiLUG member and FOSS activist in Vietnam