The first APAC Ambassadors FAD for annual budget planning

We have finished the first ever FAD for APAC Ambassadors for annual budget planning in Phnom Penh at the last weekend.

As other participants like Sirko or Siddesh wrote some nice summary reports (day 0, 1 and 2), I would not like to repeat those more. Instead of those, I would like to tell you some stories behind this FAD.

You may know, EMEA region have done some successful FADs for EMEA Ambassadors for annual budget planning for two years: 2012, 2013; and this year, they are planning for the third one in Leverkusen, Germany on December 5th, 2014. The past FADs were quite successful as all their main goals have been done. Budget plans for the last two fiscal years are quite good with almost events, activities and swags were analyzed and estimated. Each year, the total expense was close to the plan (!).

That’s why I thought about how to do the similar event in APAC. Last year, I discussed with some other members in region and tried to make the first APAC FAD in Manila, Philippines. However, preparation time was too short so finally, we could not make it.

This year, with a lot of support from other members (thanks to Sirko from EMEA for helping us, and thanks to Somvannda and Nisa Ban for hosting the event and doing all the facilitating jobs), we have been able to make it. I do not say that it was really successful but it was fine enough for us. All the main goals have been done. We got a list of events and swags with fully estimated budget in APAC during the next FY2016; we distributed all requested Ambassadors polo shirts; and last but not least, we had got a good time to meet face to face to discuss a lot of things and get understandings each other better.

It was just our first time and we would make it better and better in the future. We will have some more small adjustments and push these results to the next budget allocation phase (originally organized by FAmSCo and OSAS) in January-February, 2015. Hope we can do events and activities much better in the next FY2016.

Thanks again for all participants and see you next year.