FUDCon Pune 2015 – toward the future

FUDCon Pune 2015 has just been closed. My flight would be one of the earliest one after FUDCon leaving India ( I am the Mumbai airport now).

While Closing keynote shown a lot of impressing numbers, I personally want to share some thoughts from one of FUDCon participants’ point of view. I haven’t attended any more FUDCons since FUDCon KL 2012 (FUDCon APAC 2013 was cancelled by lack of bids and I myself missed FUDCon Beijing 2014) so it was really exciting to me to meet more people again and again. Some faces I have met several times before at Flock, FAD and many other events, some faces are quite new, but all of them are really friendly. Meeting and discussing with people face to face is still one of the best things in open source world.

During the FUDCon we participated in a lot of interesting talks and discussions. I loved the closing keynotes in day-1, Whats Going On In A FOSS Project by HarishPillay, and day-2, Achieving Community Goals with Fedora, by tnzchok. They contain a lot of ideas to push Fedora and open source projects toward. I also loved “”Selling” Open Source 101″ by my friend, Izhar as well as a lot of other interesting talks down there.

I myself actively participated in BoF discussions about budget planning, organizing events, media/swag production and distributing, etc. In the day-1, we had a BoF discussion to decide FUDCon location for 2016. As I reported to the mailing list, we decided to have more time for the Cambodian team to make their bid more ready. In the day-3, we had another BoF session to discuss about the location for Budget Planning FAD 2015, how to produce and distribute media and swag better and I also had a wrap-up for all to follow them up.

Everything is going on and I believe after the FUDCon with a lot of discussions and ideas, we can make the project better, toward the bright future.

Thanks all my friends. Hope to see you next times.