The top 10 reasons (of many more) to choose Zimbra Collaborative Suite instead of Exchange

Zimbra is based on Open Sourced software providing flexibility Zimbra scales significantly better and with less hardware overhead Multi-client support (Mac OS X & WindowsXP have parity on feature set) Let’s be honest, it ain’t Microsoft! Flexibility of server platform deployment (RHEL, MacOS X, SuSE) Zimlets/SOAP/REST – ability to integrate with other systems Searching –Continue reading “The top 10 reasons (of many more) to choose Zimbra Collaborative Suite instead of Exchange”

Zimbra and Hylafax integration

You can setup Zimbra CS as a gateway for HylaFax users to send fax out using the scheme <fax number>@fax.our.domain, following these steps: Edit file /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/, append this line: fax unix – n n – 1 pipe flags= user=uucp argv=/usr/bin/faxmail -d -n ${user} Edit file /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/transport, append this line: fax.your.domain fax:localhost And then use thisContinue reading “Zimbra and Hylafax integration”

ZCS 5.0.9 Available for Download

Greetings, Zimbra Collaboration Suite version 5.0.9 is now available for download. We recommend all users upgrade at this time. Customers and Partners may download it at the Zimbra web site ZCS 5.0.9 contains many important enhancements and bug fixes, including: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS is available for Open Source and Network Edition (beta) New server settingContinue reading “ZCS 5.0.9 Available for Download”

Zimbra Desktop – giải pháp Yahoo Mail, Gmail hoạt động offline

Kết quả của cuộc sáp nhập 350 triệu USD giữa Yahoo và Zimbra là phần mềm e-mail cho phép người dùng đọc nội dung trong hòm thư Yahoo Mail, AOL, Gmail… cả khi máy tính bị ngắt kết nối Internet. Khi máy tính chưa nối mạng, người sử dụng Yahoo Zimbra Desktop vẫn có thểContinue reading “Zimbra Desktop – giải pháp Yahoo Mail, Gmail hoạt động offline”

Zimlet::Drag and Drop Firefox

The Zimbra Drag and Drop Firefox extension allows users of Zimbra Collaboration Suite 5.0+ to drag files directly from their PC to the Compose and Briefcase window. It now supports Windows, Mac and also Linux. must be installed on the ZCS server. This can be found in /opt/zimbra/zimlets-extra. Use zmzimletctl deploy to deployContinue reading “Zimlet::Drag and Drop Firefox”