The top 10 reasons (of many more) to choose Zimbra Collaborative Suite instead of Exchange

  1. Zimbra is based on Open Sourced software providing flexibility
  2. Zimbra scales significantly better and with less hardware overhead
  3. Multi-client support (Mac OS X & WindowsXP have parity on feature set)
  4. Let’s be honest, it ain’t Microsoft!
  5. Flexibility of server platform deployment (RHEL, MacOS X, SuSE)
  6. Zimlets/SOAP/REST – ability to integrate with other systems
  7. Searching – ever try searching a multi-gig mailbox in Outlook?
  8. Attachment search/rendering
  9. Integrated Spam/Anti-Virus that actually works well.
  10. Zimbra Support – try getting the response time and quality of support from MS that you can get from the Zimbra corporate team and their local partners.