Getting CD/DVD RW+ working with non-root users on Fedora Core 9

By default, Fedora Core 9 allow just “root” to use CD/DVD writer. It prevents access to CD/DVD RW+ device to non-root users.

You can follow these steps to set write permission for a specific non-root user to write to CD/DVD RW+:

  1. Add the user into the “disk” group:

groupmems -a tuanta -g disk

  1. Set group write permission to /dev/sg* (owned by “disk”) at startup:

Modify the file: /etc/udev/rules.d/50-udev-default.rules,

At line:

KERNEL=="sg[0-9]*",             ATTRS{type}!="3|6", GROUP="disk", MODE="0640"

Modify to:

KERNEL=="sg[0-9]*",             ATTRS{type}!="3|6", GROUP="disk", MODE="0660"

Note: just modifying the MODE from 640 (group read only) to 660 (group read+write)

And finally, reboot the system.

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