ZCS 5.0.10 Released!

We are pleased to announce: The Zimbra Collaboration Suite version 5.0.10

Generally, ZCS 5.0.10 contains many important enhancements and bug fixes, including:

  • DNS MX validation check is now available from the administration console
  • ZCS can now bet set to add an X-Authenticated_user header to outgoing messages
  • When an account is created from the administration console, now the administrator can set the time zone for the user
  • Yahoo! Translator is now available as a Zimlet used for translating and composing messages
  • Auto-group backups can be started from the Admin Console
  • RHEL5 cluster support is Beta with 5.0.10

Key Enhancements:
30387 – Allow each domain to have a default set of Zimlets zimbraZimletDomainAvailableZimlets
30644 – Per user optional appointment history logging zimbraCalendarMaxRevisions (default 1 essentially preserves non-revision behavior, 0 is unlimited)
30614 – Calendar integrity checking tool zmcalchk
30623 – separate forward filtering rules and mail forwarding features zimbraFeatureMailForwardingInFiltersEnabled
30833 – Authenticated-User: header or something similar needed zimbraSmtpSendAddAuthenticatedUser
25884 – ZCO : User not alerted of certain errors in a noticable way Copy of sync failures delivered to inbox (turnOffLocalFailures registry entry).

Builds Now GA:
Network Edition – Ubuntu 8.04 LTS x86 & x86_64

Notable Fixes:
27645 – Exceptions to recurring appointments are lost if the series is changed
30646 – CalDav will remove (hard delete invite) if you hit ‘ok’ in the notification
30128 – nginx: make capability list configurable zimbraReverseProxy[Imap/Pop3]EnabledCapability
31080 – 5.0.9 upgrade broke sorting on From column in Inbox
29445 – Out of RPC cache msg in AJAX client
30948 – Need custom java upgrade program for upgrading domain wiki templates (faster upgrades)

Best practice is to make a backup before preforming any server maintenance: Backup and Restore Articles – Zimbra :: Wiki

5.0.10 Network Edition Release Notes

5.0.10 Network Edition Downloads

5.0.10 Open Source Edition: Release Notes & Downloads (updated builds available)

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-The Zimbra Team