ZCS 5.0.16 Released

We are pleased to announce: Version 5.0.16 of the the Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

Key Enhancements:
30163 – zimbra-zimbra migration via tar formatter (bundled zmztozmig tool)
35574 – command specifically to create an alias domain (zmprov createAliasDomain)
37259 – Enable batched indexing by default (performance gain)
37260 – Make apache based convertd the default (for new installs)
36011 – Provide user agent to custom auth modules
36408 – add ZM_AUTH_TOKEN in ZCO Cookie header

Notable Fixes:
35459 – Cannot revoke share with Public
32536 – Zimbra too trusting of MIME-type sent by client
35523 – time in appointment details inconsistent with DST time in summary views
35521 -CalDav performance improvement Plus fixes to item deletion (37517) & calendar creation (36968).
35510 – update jetty to include fix for jetty-439

(Further details on PMweb.)

As always, make a backup before upgrading: Backup and Restore Articles – Zimbra :: Wiki

5.0.16 Network Edition Release Notes

5.0.16 Network Edition Downloads

5.0.16 Open Source Edition: Release Notes & Downloads

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-The Zimbra Team