ZCS 6.0.1 Released

The Zimbra Collaboration Suite version 6.0.1 is now available.

Notable Fixes:
40759 – Mailbox not accessible if folder is shared to a group with alises or a user with multiple zimbraMailDeliveryAddress
40737- Zmrestoreldap cannot create directory
40454 – Improved handling of data source errors
40896- Send/receive does not sync data of mounted folders
Entire change-list for this quick maintenance oriented release: PMweb 6.0.1

Before upgrading, kick-off a backup while you read the release notes.

6.0.1 Network Edition: Release Notes & Downloads
6.0.1 Open Source Edition: Release Notes & Downloads

Thanks to the early-adopters for identifying and prioritizing these issues, thereby providing a smoother upgrade for their fellow admins still on v5.

To find out what’s new in 6.0:
» Beta 1 Blog
» Beta 2 Announcement
» RC 1 & GA Feature List PDF
» Product Tracking Portal
» Sample testzimbra.com account

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-The Zimbra Team
-Posix & Samba extension users should understand this doc.
-Disclaimer extension is not yet compatible.
-Large setups may be interested in optimizing the LDAP upgrade step.
-1M+ sites bug 40648 (adjust ldap_read_timeout before upgrading / fixed for 6.0.2)
-New installs go 64-bit, it’ll be supported longer. __________________
-Mike Morse (MCode151)