Configure vTigerCRM to authenticate users using OpenLDAP (running inside Zimbra server)

vTiger itself supports to authenticate with LDAP users in the core. However, the authLDAP module need to be added to get this works.

Please do following steps:

  1. Download authLDAP at:
  2. Extract and copy the folder authLdap to modules/Users/
  3. Enable LDAP authentication in by adding this code (below the DB settings):

$AUTHCFG['authType'] = 'LDAP';  //Can either by LDAP, AD, or SQL
//Config Options for LDAP
$AUTHCFG['ldap_host'] = '';
$AUTHCFG['ldap_port'] = 389;
$AUTHCFG['ldap_basedn'] = 'dc=iwayvietnam,dc=com';
$AUTHCFG['ldap_uid'] = 'uid';  //can be CN or UID depending on ldap install
$AUTHCFG['ldap_username'] = NULL;
$AUTHCFG['ldap_pass'] = NULL;