The 1st day in KL – Keynote from cwickert and Barcamp-style sessions

The day-0: flying to KL. It is not difficult to find to the venue. Thanks for Fedora Malaysia and organizers for your good preparation, especially the travel booklet. Then I can give my hands to help them get the last things done in time.

The FUDCon day-1 started with an interesting keynote given by Christoph Wickert about Leadership in Fedora. He got all understand how Fedora leadership organized, advantages and comparison with leadership in general.  Fedora does not have leaders in the same meanings as general leadership. Fedora “leaders”, if we can call that, should be more similar as guides. Everyone is equal in a flat situation, you can contribute things as many as you want. Fedora participating model is open, flat, flexible, mutating, autonomous and guidance.

The slide beside should be good to summarize what we got from the keynote.

And thanks Ankur Sinha for his nice video of the keynote.

After keynote is time for barcamp-style sessions. A lot sessions were introduced and then fifteen of them has been voted to be held in the afternoon. Honestly, the topics were not so hot as their names :). I saw, almost FUDCon participants are newbies. They are students at APIIT-UCIT. Over a half of them even have never used Linux. Therefore, the talks should be easy to understand for them.

Some other sessions, especially ones presented by Christoph (I attended) are more interesting (IMHO :). We discussed about a mechanism to collaborate with other available FOSS communities and then some LiveUSB stuffs/issues. Unluckily, there is no members from other FOSS communities attend the session then there is no final decision. This may be an interesting topic, however, so it should be continued on the mailing list.

For ones have Facebook access, you can see all my nice pictures shared on Facebook.

Reported from KL by
Truong Anh Tuan, Fedora Contributor