The 1st day in KL – Keynote from cwickert and Barcamp-style sessions

The day-0: flying to KL. It is not difficult to find to the venue. Thanks for Fedora Malaysia and organizers for your good preparation, especially the travel booklet. Then I can give my hands to help them get the last things done in time. The FUDCon day-1 started with an interesting keynote given by ChristophContinue reading “The 1st day in KL – Keynote from cwickert and Barcamp-style sessions”

Fedora 16 Arrives, Cloud Friendly

Cloud and virtualization technologies now feature in latest version release The Red Hat sponsored Fedora Project has announced availability of version 16 of the free and open-source operating system distribution. Fedora 16 now features “Aeolus Conductor” as a feature enhancement designed to create and manage cloud instances across a variety of cloud types. OpenStack toolsContinue reading “Fedora 16 Arrives, Cloud Friendly”

Three days in FUDCon Milan 2011 – Day 3

The last day started at 9:30 AM too. Attendees proposed their sessions/presentations in barcamp-style again. After going around to share and learn a lot of interesting topics, I attended the most interesting one of the day, where Pierros Papadias, the chair of Fedora Ambassadors Steering Commitee moderated a talk about Fedora Ambbassadors’ work and howContinue reading “Three days in FUDCon Milan 2011 – Day 3”

Three days in FUDCon Milan 2011 – Day 2

The day started at 9:30 AM with the open ceremony speech from Jared Smith, our Fedora Project Leader. Then everyone proposed their sessions/presentations in barcamp-style. All proposed sessions/presentations were voted and then arranged to five rooms, two big ones and three smaller ones. The most impressive session in the day is the presentation “You couldContinue reading “Three days in FUDCon Milan 2011 – Day 2”

GNOME 3, lịch sử và thay đổi

GNOME (GNU Network Object Model Environment), là một tập hợp các công cụ và môi trườngmàn hình nền có thể chạy trên hầu hết các hệ điều hành phổ biến hiện nay như Linux, BSD, MacOS X, Solaris cũng như Windows. Đây là một dự án phần mềm mã mở, có liên hệ mật thiếtContinue reading “GNOME 3, lịch sử và thay đổi”

Kênh IRC mới #fedora-apac

Cộng đồng Fedora Việt Nam nói riêng và toàn khu vực châu Á – Thái Bình Dương vui mừng được thông báo kênh IRC mới: #fedora-apac Kênh IRC mới #fedora-apac sẽ là nơi thảo luận các vấn đề chung về Fedora và thông tin về các sự kiện tại khu vực châu Á – Thái BìnhContinue reading “Kênh IRC mới #fedora-apac”

Announcing the release of Fedora 14

It’s here!  It’s here!  It’s really here!  Fedora 14 has been officially released! Fedora is a leading edge, free and open source operating system that continues to deliver innovative features to many users, with a new release approximately every six months. Fedora 14, codename Laughlin, is now available for download.  Join us and share the joy of free softwareContinue reading “Announcing the release of Fedora 14”